#Cohousing is Not a Rejection of #Capitalism. Here is Proof:

#Cohousing is Not a Rejection of #Capitalism. Here is Proof:

The La Borda cohousing project in Spain offers a unique and effective solution to traditional housing models like Build-to-Rent or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (#LIHTC) projects in the US.

With a budget of over €3 million (US$3.25MM), members financed La Borda through grants, participatory loans, and resident member contributions.

One of the key sources of funding for the project is grants from organizations such as La Dinamo Foundation.

These grants support the “right of use” cooperative housing model, a non-speculative approach that prioritizes the needs and well-being of residents over profits.

Another important funding source is participatory loans from organizations like Coop57 SCCL, a Spanish cooperative credit organization that promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability through the provision of financial services to cooperatives and social economy organizations. The US equivalent is the Community Development Financial Institution (#CDFI).

They provide financial assistance and technical support to the La Borda project, allowing residents to contribute to the project financially and have a say in its management and decision-making.

The project also relies on a housing loan, which is used to cover the costs of construction and other expenses. Resident members also make financial contributions to the project.

One of the unique aspects of the La Borda cohousing project is the 75-year ground lease with the municipality of Barcelona.

This leasehold agreement provides a stable and predictable framework, which is crucial for the project’s sustainability and success.

Some argue that this approach is socialist and contradicts the capitalist pedigree of the United States.

It is important to note that the La Borda cohousing project is not a rejection of capitalism but rather an alternative approach to housing that prioritizes the well-being of residents.

It allows for a balance between individual rights, community and the economy.

The project is based on cooperation and mutual aid among the residents, rather than profit-driven decisions, which ultimately leads to a more sustainable and equitable society.

La Borda evidences an innovative and community-focused housing model that puts people first, regardless of the label it may carry.

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I simplify the path to convert $3–30MM businesses and commercial real estate projects into real, attainable cash.